The War Above the Trees - Ron Carey

The "Good Guys" always wear white hats. I arrived in Vietnam the perfect soldier, eighteen years old and invincible. Twenty months later I was a completely different person. This book is a look at Operation Wayne Grey through the eyes of that young helicopter crew chief. It is impossible for me to tell the complete story. The infantrymen of the 4th Division fought and died in a place I only visited. Using official Army records and the handwritten memories from my personal journal, I have tried to relate the day-by-day events from March 1, 1969 to April 14, 1969.

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The War Above the Trees - Ron Carey
The War Above the Trees - Ron Carey
The War Above the Trees - Ron Carey
Dennis Wilson (dwilson@tritle.net), A reviewer, October 1, 2004,
Having flown in the same area (different time frame), I can readily appreciate more than many the emotions and stresses Ron relates. The 'Valley of Death' never got the press of the Au Shau or the Fishhook, but it was never a safe place for our troops; and in Operation Wayne Gray, the brave young men of the 4th Infantry daily met fierce resistance under terrible conditions of heat and terrain; and never failed to amaze and astonish those of us who had the privilege of providing direct support.
- Dennis Wilson
A reviewer (arjacquez@charter.net), September 24, 2004,
Operation Wayne Grey
Just finished reading Ron Carey book.(The War Above The Trees). I couldn't put it down, well written, A story that had to be told. Seeing the War through the eyes of a Helicopter Crew Chief. With an eye for detail, a day to day account of Operation Wayne Grey in the Plei Trap Valley in March and April of 1969 in Vietnam. A must read book.
- Al Jacquez
A reviewer (junkyardbabe52@yahoo.com), September 24, 2004,
I like many my age really did not know much about the Vietnam conflict let alone such details about any specific incident but this book vividly describes what our young men did to keep their sanity and wits about them while serving their country in an unpopular war.
Reviewer: Kenneth E. Jenkins (Yorktown Virginia, USA)
This is an excellent book about the battle for the Plei Trap Valley in Vietnam (Operation Wayne Grey) in March and April of 1969. I was with the 1st Brigade headquarters for much of March, then took over as commander of Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry on LZ D-Handle for the last two to three weeks of the operation. Mr. Carey has captured not only the chronology and tactics of the battle, but also the personal side of the fighting in this most inhospitable location. It was a place of thick jungle and steep mountains. The NVA considered the valley their territory, had it well fortified and fought hard to keep it. Mr. Carey and all the other helicopter crewmen were our life line. Without their heroic daily flights the infantry, artillery and engineers fighting in the Plei Trap Valley could not have inflicted heavy casualities on the NVA, thus stopping a serious threat to the Allied control of the Central Highlands. This is a great story of ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds.